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Houston Area Urban Community Development

Corporation (HAUCDC)

In 2010 the Houston Area Urban League created the Houston Area Urban CDC as a separate 501c3 to develop affordable housing for low-to- moderate income families.  The mission of the organization is to provide decent affordable housing for workforce and other residents, stimulate investment and improve quality of life in communities.

Since inception, HAUCDC has grown exponentially while in the same time period similar nonprofits engaged in affordable housing have been dissolved, decreased their capacity, or reduced their role in related activities. HAUCDC has revitalized neighborhoods and communities by acquiring abandoned, damaged, or neglected homes in the Greater Houston Area, rehabilitating each home and selling to a veteran or low income family since 2013. 


HAUCDC helps stabilize communities, especially those hard-hit with foreclosures, and promote new investment. Many of these communities now suffer with large volumes of empty, foreclosed homes, as well as homes that have been abandoned and blighted.  


HAUCDC is always looking to evolve its strategy to adequately meet the need for affordable housing and is developing an Alternative Single Family Construction program to address high construction costs.


HAUCDC’s Board is composed of commensurate professionals in the industry with decades of experience. The board has a diverse composition

with valuation experts, successful real estate developers, banking

professionals and community outreach experts. HAUCDC continues to seek new opportunities to acquire properties through a variety of private and public sources.

The organization is actively recruiting single family home builders, seeking partnerships with units of local government and finance institutions, and acquiring discounted or donated real estate to sustain its revitalization efforts. 

As a Certified Community Development Housing Organization (CHDO) in the City of Houston and City of Galveston, HAUCDC has a mission to assist households at below 80% AMI.


HAUCDC is a Non-Profit participant in a Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC).  The apartment communities include the Altura Height Rental Project located at 4911 W. Airport Blvd, Houston, TX 77085.  All LIHTC Multifamily Rental projects would serve households predominantly below 60% AMI. 

For additional information about HAUCDC and starting new projects, please call Benny Rodriguez at 832-834-4609.

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