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Our events reflect our constant celebration of the great things happening in Community Development.  These are just two that we've had the privilege to sponsor.

August 26 , 2017, was a day Houston-area residents will never forget, although some may want to.  Hurricane Harvey barreled across the Gulf Coast, dumping torrential rains and causing unprecedented catastrophic flooding. Homes were destroyed.  Lives were destroyed.

Richard (Drew) and Jaclyn Avants were among those who lost everything.  They were left with nothing, except their lives and their 4-year-old daughter Maggie who called the event a “disastrophy.”  Like all around them, they began to gut their house with help from friends, neighbors and even members of the Dawson High School football team. 

They wanted to keep their house and rebuild their lives to pre-Harvey.  A ray of hope appeared when they were encouraged to apply for a special program that provides a free home to a deserving family.   The Houston Area Urban Community Development Corporation (HAUCDC) developed the program that paired the family with a community bank, this year JP Morgan Chase.

Altura Heights consists of 10 residential buildings—multi-story and townhomes—and a large clubhouse with resident amenities, supportive services, leasing and management offices. It offers 48 1 bedroom/1 bath apartments, 64 2 bedroom/2 bath apart-ments, and 12 3 bedroom/2 bath apartments, with a variety of floor plans.  


Of the 124 apartment homes, 105 have rents structured to be affordable to persons with incomes at or below 60% of the Area Median Income for Harris County, TX (currently ranging in in-come from $15,030 for a single individual to $42,900 for a family of 4). 19 apartment homes are offered at market-rate.  

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